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Sitecore: Disable Sitecore cache and browser cache while developing to save time

It is always to have cache in any web application. But while in development stage, it is better to disable Sitecore cache and also browser cache to avoid wasting time in recycling application pool or clearing cache from cache admin. To disable it,
      <!--  CACHING ENABLED             Determines if caching should be enabled at all             Specify 'true' to enable caching and 'false' to disable all caching -->       <settingname="Caching.Enabled"value="true" />       <!--  DISABLE BROWSER CACHING             If true, all pages will have:               Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store               Pragma: no-cache             in the http header -->       <settingname="DisableBrowserCaching"value="true" />
Both the setting should be true; former to avoid Sitecore cache and latter to BrowserCache.

Avoid locking of items by a user in Sitecore

In Sitecore, many users will work parallelly and locking of item will not allow another user to work on the same item. To avoid locking and loss of changes, we have settings in the web.config.
      <!--  AUTOMATIC LOCK ON SAVE             If true, the a lock is automatically taken on an item             when a user saves the item. -->       <settingname="AutomaticLockOnSave"value="false" />       <!--  AUTOMATIC UNLOCK ON SAVED             If true, the a saved item is automatically unlocked after             saving. -->       <settingname="AutomaticUnlockOnSaved"value="false" />
Both the setting should be true; former to avoid data loss and latter to avoid locking of items.

Access issue with language security settings

Sometimes we used to get errors like “The Security settings for the current language prevent you from seeing this item.”

This is due to that Language Item under system is not having read and write access (atleast read). Please give Language Read and Write access and you will be allowed to edit whichever items you have access.

Problem with downloading Media files from Sitecore if Windows Authentication enabled

UAT environment used to be locked with Windows/Basic Authentication. There is an issue with Sitecore media items (mainly XSLT) when site is locked with Windows Authentication. 401 unauthorized issue. We need to give anonymous access only to media items like XSLT. Thanks to Ankit Agarwal who gave the solution.

In applicationHost.config, add these lines, <location path="<Sitecore>/~/media">         <system.webServer>             <security>                 <authentication>                     <anonymousAuthentication enabled="true" />                     <basicAuthentication enabled="false" />                 </authentication>             </security>         </system.webServer>     </location>
This solved the issue with Media items.

How to use custom font in Sitecore

Different browsers will use different font types for using custom font in HTML. From the blog, we can understand the compatibility of different font types in various browsers.

Font TypeIEMozillaSafariChromeOpera.ttfNo3.5+3.1+2.0+10+.otfNo3.5+3.1+No10+.eot4+