Friday, 16 March 2012

How to allow dots(.) in Sitecore Item names – 7

Go to Web.config file and find a setting named “ItemNameValidation” and change the validation to allow dots. 
            Regular expression for validating item names   -->
      <setting name="ItemNameValidation" value="^[\w\*\$][\w\s\-\$]*(\(\d{1,}\)){0,1}$" />
Modified Regular Expression.
      <setting name="ItemNameValidation" value="^[\w\*\$][\w\.\s\-\$]*(\(\d{1,}\)){0,1}$" /> 

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  1. This is something that will benefit them in a number of ways; what is won't do is benefit the people that are only interested in controlling them. These people can be described as the establishment, but it doesn't really matter what they are called.

    Nicole Harris



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