07 October, 2021

Sitecore 9, 10 - Experience Editor Slow or Hang in general or for non-English languages?

As part of the Sitecore Upgrade to Sitecore 10.0.1, we faced an issue related to experience editor. When we try to edit the page in experience editor for non-english version of the item, the CM website hangs and then it will just block every other requests. Entire CM instance will be unavailable. 


  1. Checked the Vanilla Sitecore 10.0.1 version and experience editor is working as expected. 
  2. Debugged the solution and found out that Dictionary API (Sitecore.Globalization.Translate.Text) is the root cause for the slowness. 
Sitecore has reported a similar issue as a known issue for Sitecore 9.3 onwards and the fix was included in Sitecore 10.1.0. Sitecore article has a fix for version 9.3 in their page

Reached out to Sitecore to get the fix for Sitecore 10.0.1 version. For this version, the hotfix has a set of DLLs and a config file. They are not support DLLs. So we should include this as part of the CI/CD pipeline so that it does not get overwritten next time. 

After applying the fix, the experience editor started to respond for all the other languages as well. 

Reach out to Sitecore if your Sitecore version (9.3 to 10.0.1) has a similar issue on experience editor and they will be providing the hotfix for the particular version. 

17 September, 2021

Sitecore PowerShell - Create a report with all referenced items by Lookup Items

In case if you have a list of lookup items and you would like to get a Sitecore PowerShell report of all the referenced items in Sitecore, you can make use of the below script. Also this script demonstrates the usage of PSObject by which you can create custom object and render it in the output window. This approach is using Link database and rebuilding the link database helps you to get the most accurate results. 

With PSObject, you can merge two different object and create a new custom object which can be used for rendering the results. Instead of using multi-dimensional arrays, this can be a better approach. 

18 August, 2021

Sitecore Upgrade - Codebase Upgrade Series - Framework upgrade - .NET

As part of the Sitecore codebase upgrade series, in this blog, we are going to deal with upgrading .NET Framework version. 

Option 1: Using PowerShell, we can quickly update the version in all the csproj files. The script has been added in this blog. This script will update both legacy and SDK project format.

Option 2: To upgrade .NET framework, you can open the csproj files in Notepad++ and replace the version number from 4.x to 4.8 (or desired version as per Sitecore). 

  • SDK Style Projects
    Should replace <TargetFramework>net4xx</TargetFramework> with the targeted version. 
  • Legacy Style Projects
    Should replace <TargetFrameworkVersion>v4.x.x</TargetFrameworkVersion> with the targeted version. 

Option 3: There is a Visual Studio marketplace module called TargetFrameworkMigrator. Once you install it, you can change the target framework to the desired version. This will work only for the Legacy Style Projects. SDK Style Project support will be added in the next version as per the roadmap. 

  • Once you install the VS Extension. Open the extension from Tools menu --> Target Framework Migrator.
  • Choose the projects you want to migrate, then click Migrate. 

17 August, 2021

Update .NET Version in SDK and Legacy Project Format Type

As part of Sitecore Upgrade, we had to upgrade .NET version in 100+ Helix projects. The below script was used to update the version in the projects quickly. 

Since Microsoft introduced SDK project format, the XML tag in the project file and also the version format are different. The below updates .NET Target Framework version in both SDK and Legacy Project format types. 

22 July, 2021

Coveo for Sitecore 5 with Sitecore Horizon 10

When we try to use Sitecore Horizon (10.0.1) with with a solution having Coveo integration, Sitecore Horizon throws the below exception in the UI. It does not load any sites or languages in the dropdown. When we try to remove site definition with name "coveo_website", it is loading fine. As per Coveo, we should not remove this site definition as it will impact Coveo integration. 

Reached out to awesome Sitecore community in Sitecore Slack for help and Jeff (@jflh) provided a simple workaround patch configuration in the Sitecore.Demo.Platform repo. Basically we are changing the Coveo_website site definition to an item that does not exist. Horizon will not consider this site as a valid site to be editable in the editor. 

<configuration xmlns:patch="" xmlns:coveo="">
	<sitecore coveo:require="!disabled">
				Coveo for Sitecore and Horizon modules are incompatible by default. Horizon handles the coveo_website as a content site.
				We are applying a workaround similar to what Unicorn had done to fix the same issue:
				We change the coveo_website rootPath to an item that does not exist.
			<site name="coveo_website">
				<patch:attribute name="rootPath" value="/coveo/for/sitecore/module" />

After adding this configuration patch, Horizon started to load our sites with Coveo_website site. 

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