27 June, 2024

Sitecore Commerce - How do we trigger minion on-demand using postman?

While Composable Commerce is gaining traction, Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) is still being used by many Sitecore customers. In this article, we will talk about Sitecore Experience Commerce Minions. Minions Role is an instance of the Commerce Engine that runs independently and supports asynchronous processing.

Based on business requirements, minions can be created and it can be scheduled to run at the appropriate time using cronjobs. Sometimes it needs to be triggered manually. We can use postman to initiate it. 

In order to run the minions, we need to get access token by hitting the /connect/token endpoint of Identity server. Using it, you can send a request to RunMinon() API with the Minion Full Name and you can see the status in the logs. 


Get the access token by sending the request to token endpoint of ID server.

Trigger Minion

In order to trigger the minion, you need the minion full name. Once posted, it will start the job in the background and you can see the status in the log file. 

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