04 April, 2014

Sitecore: Site resolver issue with similar domains

I faced an issue with Sitecore Site resolver with similar domain (hostName).

If there are two different websites with similar domain ( and, Sitecore resolves the site based on the order of site node in the web.config (or SiteConfiguration.config in includes folder).

Configuration: (Not Working)
Order 1: <site hostName=”” …
Order 2: <site hostName=”” …

Sitecore resolves to even though we browse
Configuration: (Working)
Order 1: <site hostName=”” …
Order 2: <site hostName=”” …

Here, order has been changed to COM.PL first and Sitecore resolves properly for both the domains –,

Is it a Sitecore site resolver issue or is it an expected behavior?

Sitecore support ticket has been created – 408068. Waiting for their inputs…

Sitecore: Reset Sitecore admin account password to default

Sitecore administrator might have forgotten the admin password.
If you would like to reset it to default, you can follow the below steps. Password will be reset to ‘b’.

In Sitecore Core DB, you can run this attached SQL script and this will reset the password to ‘b’.

Hope this helps!!! 
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