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Black and White Powerful World - Linux

Recently I got a chance to work in a migration activity where we migrated JAVA, NET and PHP sites from a set of Rackspace Public Cloud servers with RackConnect® V2 to a set of Rackspace Public Cloud Servers with RackConnect® V3.
RackConnect® in Rackspace enables us to leverage dedicated servers for our Public Cloud servers. Refer here.
I am not a LINUX admin but in this article, I would like to write all the commands which I learnt from this activity.
Linux: Rsync is used to copy or sync files from one location to another. It can be two servers. -This command will sync files from remote server ( to destination server (i.e. current server). This can changed in other way. -It will show you the progress of the synchronization. -Important thing to note is the slash. §If only the items from source folder has to be copied inside the destination folder, a slash has to be added in the destination path. §If we do not keep it, source folder with all the files will be copied in desti…