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How to enable Single Sign On in Sitecore with Active Directory Users and Roles

(Assuming that reader has knowledge on Single Sign On)

Single sign on functionality needs the site not to be in anonymous authentication. In IIS, Basic or Windows authentication should be enabled.
How to enable windows authentication in IIS?
Single sign on functionality comes along with Active Directory Module from Sitecore. You can get the latest version from SDN. This module integrates AD to the Sitecore instance. This module needs the LDAP path and few provider configuration settings in web.config file.
SDN Link:
This module installs LDAP dll, configuration and few aspx pages. Once installed, we get the LDAP login page under /website/Sitecore/admin/ldaplogin.aspx. Along with that, we will be having few more roles in Sitecore.
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How to add a Publishing target in Sitecore

Publishing target is the destination database to which the content will be published.

There are 3 steps to setup a publishing target.
Step 1: Add the connection string of the Targeted Database in ConnectionStrings.config
<addname="production"connectionString="user id=sa;password=sa;Data Source=.;Database=Sitecore_Web"/> Step 2: Add Database node for the newly added targeted database in web.config.
Copy and paste an existing <Database> node from Sitecore/Databases and change the Database ID with the Connection string name. ex: production Step 3: Add Publishing Target Item in the Master DB.
Login to Sitecore Content Tree and navigate to System à Publishing Target and add an item. Add the Database Id in the Target Database Field