07 January, 2013

How to add a Publishing target in Sitecore

Publishing target is the destination database to which the content will be published.

There are 3 steps to setup a publishing target.

Step 1: Add the connection string of the Targeted Database in ConnectionStrings.config

  • <add name="production" connectionString="user id=sa;password=sa;Data Source=.;Database=Sitecore_Web"/>
Step 2: Add Database node for the newly added targeted database in web.config.

  • Copy and paste an existing <Database> node from Sitecore/Databases and change the Database ID with the Connection string name. ex: production
Step 3: Add Publishing Target Item in the Master DB.

  • Login to Sitecore Content Tree and navigate to System à Publishing Target and add an item. Add the Database Id in the Target Database Field


  1. its giving me error as Cannot open database , login failed after doing this

  2. You need to check your connection string and modify with proper db user credentials.