22 July, 2012

Sitecore: Disable Sitecore cache and browser cache while developing to save time

It is always to have cache in any web application. But while in development stage, it is better to disable Sitecore cache and also browser cache to avoid wasting time in recycling application pool or clearing cache from cache admin. To disable it,

            Determines if caching should be enabled at all
            Specify 'true' to enable caching and 'false' to disable all caching
      <setting name="Caching.Enabled" value="true" />
            If true, all pages will have:
              Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store
              Pragma: no-cache
            in the http header
      <setting name="DisableBrowserCaching" value="true" />

Both the setting should be true; former to avoid Sitecore cache and latter to BrowserCache.

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