05 December, 2013

Sitecore 6.5 vs. Sitecore 6.6: StripLanguage Pipeline Changes

StripLanguage pipeline removes the language in the requested URL. 

This is based on the LinkManager property. LinkManager.LanguageEmbedding should not be "Never".

We had a requirement to configure a site with Virtual folder. Virtual folder was ‘fr’ which is the short form of Language French. 
So the URL of the website will be http://website/fr/.

In Sitecore 6.5, LanguageEmbedding was set to Never and site was browsed with virtual folder (/fr) without any issues.

In Sitecore 6.6, the same concept was not working. Somehow this language was removed even before ItemResolver. We checked the source code and the logic based on LinkManager has been removed. 

SDN Release notes: Logic has been removed as part of 6.6. upgrage.

We raised a ticket with Sitecore and waiting for any workaround to have the same functionality. #400317

Update: Sitecore has registered this as a bug for Sitecore 6.6 + version and they will inform us as soon as it is fixed. 

Update: Issue has been fixed in Sitecore CMS 6.6.0 rev. 131211 (6.6.0 Update-7).

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