04 April, 2014

Sitecore: Site resolver issue with similar domains

I faced an issue with Sitecore Site resolver with similar domain (hostName).

If there are two different websites with similar domain ( and, Sitecore resolves the site based on the order of site node in the web.config (or SiteConfiguration.config in includes folder).

Configuration: (Not Working)
Order 1: <site hostName=”” …
Order 2: <site hostName=”” …

Sitecore resolves to even though we browse
Configuration: (Working)
Order 1: <site hostName=”” …
Order 2: <site hostName=”” …

Here, order has been changed to COM.PL first and Sitecore resolves properly for both the domains –,

Is it a Sitecore site resolver issue or is it an expected behavior?

Sitecore support ticket has been created – 408068. Waiting for their inputs…

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