10 September, 2020

Sitecore - [Dilithium] Data corruption in master

When using Unicorn to serialize the content and share it with team, there are times when you will end up having inconsistency with the data like having unversioned field data in versioned table in master DB. Because of this, you may get error like "Data Corruption" when you sync using Unicorn. 

[Dilithium] Data corruption in master://{fc5c3451-dfde-4778-9901-5d0b1da1e212}! Field 19a69332-a23e-4e70-8d16-b2640cb24cc8 (unversioned) had a value in the versioned fields table. The field value will be ignored.

When looking for a solution, I found Mikael has written a SQL script which will identify these inconsistencies and provide an option to remove the incorrect data. This will stop this data corruption error message. Thank you Mikael for the script.

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