13 April, 2021

Sitecore Publishing Service - Recap

This blog is a recap of the Sitecore Publishing Service.

Sitecore introduced Sitecore Publishing Service along with Sitecore v8.2. It is a standalone service which reads the dedicated Publish Queue, create Manifest of items to be changed and process the content movement from source to target.

This standalone service is optional and independent of out of the box Sitecore publishing mechanism in CM. This service helps clients where there is a frequent content changes and multiple content authors. This reduces the load on the CM instance as the entire publishing mechanism will be lifted and handled by Publishing Service. This service also raises the events to clear the cache after the publish. In case if we want to raise custom event, we can patch it and let this service raise the event.

To install this service, there are two steps.

  1. Sitecore Publishing Service which needs .NET core and can be hosted in IIS or any other platform. 
  2. Sitecore Module which needs to be installed in the Content Management server. 
    • This module enabled a Publishing Dashboard which will read the publish job queue and provide a status to the content authors. 
    • It also creates a role by which we can control the full publish to certain users. 
    • It creates a set of tables in the master DB so the connection string user for master DB should have access to create table while this package is installed. 

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