16 July, 2021

Coveo for Sitecore Upgrade - Sitecore Item Fields missing in Index Documents

When we recently upgraded Coveo for Sitecore to version 5, we noticed certain fields used in the result template are no longer available in Coveo Index Documents. Due to that, we had different and incorrect search results in the webpage. 

It has been decided by Coveo in October 2018 that they no longer index certain Sitecore fields to Coveo Cloud to reduce the payload. Some of these fields are standard fields to run a query. Some of the important fields which we were missing in index: templateid, templatename, displayname, name, title.

Two solutions provided by Coveo:

  1. Referencing an alternate field instead
  2. Adding the legacy metadata into the documents programmatically

Coveo provided an article with a pipeline to index those (legacy) fields. With the addition of the pipeline, the payload of each document will be much higher and it can slow down your indexing time. Make sure to review the required fields and add only those fields in the indexes. 

You can refer the Coveo documentation to get hold the pipeline code and customize it based on your requirement. 


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