14 January, 2022

Bug: Sitecore workflow check-in command behavior

Our Sitecore client provided a scenario related to workflow check-in command. 

  1. A template consists of different fields and few fields are having field validation.
  2. Non-admin content authors creates a item using this template.
  3. Enters the data for few fields and leaves the field with error which has field validation.
  4. Without saving the item explicitly, user directly executes check-in command which in-turn opens the dialog whether the user wants to save the changes (yes), then user gets another dialog to mention the errors in the field (yes) and item gets checked-in. 

Result: Item is checked-in but entered field values are lost. A warning dialog says that Item is locked. 

If an admin user follows the same steps, user will be able to save successfully. Since admin user can edit any item even if it is locked by another user, this is possible. 

Workaround: If the non-admin user saves the item explicitly before execute the check-in command, Sitecore will allow you to save the item with errors. 

Possible problem: The order in which the action executes might be causing this problem. Save, Check-in, Field Validation.

Sitecore support registered this as a bug and provided 515662 as the reference number.

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