14 March, 2022

Our Sitecore CLI Extension Ideas - Sitecore Hackathon 2022

Sitecore Hackathon is a community driven event and for this year 2022, the ideas were

  1. Build an e-commerce Minimum Viable Product to sell community t-shirts 
    • The submission must include the following technologies: 
      1. Sitecore XM - Rendering host (.net or jss)
      2. Sitecore Send
      3. Sitecore Order Cloud
  2. Extend the Sitecore Command Line Interface (CLI) plugin 
  3. Best addition to the Sitecore MVP site 

We, Sitecore Warriors, chose Idea 2 - Extend Sitecore CLI Plugin. 

We came up with multiple ideas to create a plugin as a Dev Collection. Our ideas were

  1. View Running, Queued and Finished jobs
  2. Rebuild Link Database
  3. Start a Sitecore DB Task
  4. Run a PowerShell Report and export an excel
  5. Cache Tools
    1. View Statistics
    2. Clear Cache
  6. View ShowConfig of CD environment
  7. View Sitecore System Performance
  8. Run an Audit to find any commonly known vulnerabilities
  9. Create Anti-Package
  10. View License Details 
Finally we ended up creating only top 3 items in the above list. 

Our submission link: Unfortunately we did not allocate time to record a video properly (😉)


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