20 April, 2022

Toggling Shared/Unversioned Field in Template does not propagate content between language versions

Recently in Sitecore 10, we faced an issue where Shared field value is not getting propagated to a new language version. There is a known KB article from Sitecore

As per the article, it is applicable for version 6 to version 8.2 Update 1. Tried to use this package locally to see if it works but gave method not found error. So I thought to peek into the code and do the same task in Sitecore PowerShell. 

Basically we are resetting the Shared and Unversioned field value and then setting it up to the originally configured value. As per Sitecore, there might be a loss of data during the processing. A regression may be needed after the execution. 

Step 1:

  • Find the list of template fields which are corrupted using a script.
  • Save the output in a CSV File with header ItemID.

Step 2:

  • Run the below script in Sitecore PowerShell ISE.
  • Select and update load the CSV file created from Step 1. 
  • Script will run for few minutes based on the number of corrupted field ids. 

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