08 October, 2013

Tools: Recycle .NET Application Pool Remotely

Recently I created an application to recycle the .net Application pool without logging into the server. It is a .net website with a dropdown showing the list of servers. On selecting a server, user can populate the all the application pools available in that server and user can recycle the application pool.

Page with dropdown and buttons.

List of application pools and a button to recycle it. 

  • The server list can be added in the configuration file.
  • Status Check will provide you the status of the application pool.
  • This .Net application should run with an account which has admin access to all the servers.
  • SMTP can be configured in the web.config.
  • After each recycle, this application will send a mail to the list of configured email ids.
  • This application logs the activity in the logs folder.

You can download the application here.

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